Generate Android Bug Report & view it in your browser.
Android Bug Report generates the necessary details about your phone, to solve an issue when you report a bug.
     This contains data in text format which is highly unreadable, i contains huge data, my BugReport had 138887 lines, where  will I find my necessary details, moreover i don't even know what am I looking for.
     The jar file, developed by Pál Szász, Software developer at Sony Ericsson, helps us to view that log in more graphical & readable format.
There are many details, like battery usage, CPU usage, applications installed location, ANR, Crashes, I leave it to you to explore that.

 >  Download "".

 >  Connect your android device in Debug Mode.

 >  Double click "BugReport.cmd" & wait for 2-3 mins, the generated files will open in your browser automatically.

BugReport Source Code @ GitHub