Adding Ad-sense Codes
        I have seen most of the NEWBIE  find difficult to add "Ad-sense" codes to their blogs, even i found very difficult to add Ad-sense codes to my blog at the starting, Guess what,  I never knew that I am supposed to add the Ad-codes manually, finally i managed to find the solution...

    Here is the simple step-by-step guidance to start & add Ad-sense units to your blog..

 * Make sure your "Blog" or "Domain" is fully constructed..

 * Do not add "Adult" or "Violated" Contents to your Site

 * You are done now, Just apply for "AdSense"  account.

 * Make sure you fill your "Payee name" & "Account type" correctly or else you might get into trouble later.
      Editing these two after creating the account is highly "discouraged"

 * You have to wait upto 48hrs, sometimes you get your account approved soon if you are lucky..!

 See below to add Ad-sense Codes to your Blog

 *  Sign-in to your Ad-sense account & simultaneously to your blog in a New tab.

 *  Click "Try the new AdSense interface beta"  at the right top corner of your account.

  * You should see the image like this

 * Click on "My Ads" Tab »»»»»» Click "My Ads" followed by "New Ad Unit"


 * Create an Ad Unit & "Copy" the code..

 There might be many ways to implement Ad-Widgets, but the simple & best method is this...

  Click here    »»»»»»  Try it Buddy..!

 You will see the below window
   »»»»»»  DO NOT edit anything, just click "Finish & Grab-code"

* Click Add to blogger button  »»»»»»

 * If you have multiple blogs, select the blog where you want to add
     »»»»»» Delete the "title"
     »»»»»» Click edit Content
     »»»»»» Delete the codes & Paste your Ad-Sense code
     »»»»»» Finally click the button »»»»»» "Add Widget"

 * Find out the added "Widget"
      »»»»»» Name of the "Widget" would be "HTML/JavaScript"
      »»»»»» Drag & Drop it to the proper place & don't forget to save...

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         If you still have doubts Implementing Codes, leave a comment below...

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