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Android 4.1 is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet
See the Android 4.1 APIs document for a detailed look at the new developer APIs,
Android API-16 will support only if the Android SDK Tools is above Rev-20

If you are new to Android Development  Read This  & come back here

Replace the above with the (old) SDK's..

New Updates for Android Developers..

All O.S API - 16 (Add the following in their Respective Folders Only)

~\..\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-16\ (Unzip files)
Android New

Android Old
Android Old


~\..\android-sdk-windows\add-ons\ (Unzip files)


~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-16\ (Unzip files)
Armeabi-v7a_r01 Old

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\samples\android-16\ (Unzip files) 

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\sources\android-16\ (Unzip files) New Old

DOCS... Download latest API-17 Docs

Download Android 4.2 New Jelly Bean, API - 17 SDKs