Google doodle Hurdles

     Everyone knows about Google Doodle, after the start of the Olympic Games this year, Google is displaying doodles everyday , this one is very exciting, Google Doodle made for hurdles, I played this game hell lot of times, every time it's very interesting, check out the video below. All you have to do is press forward & backward key alternatively, to jump use Up arrow key, complete the hurdle as fast as possible. To get 3Stars you have to finish within 13secs. Fastest finger wins.

Technical Stuff behind this game, It uses HTML5 tag named "Canvas"

<canvas style="position: absolute;" height="207" width="530"></canvas>

Image Format 
It means that the DATA inside the PNG image is embedded in the URL which is encoded in BASE64 format, this avoids http requests making no delay in loading the image.

This JavaScript  >>>  hurdle.js

  "Beat my Time if you can"
 If you wanna play this doodle you can play it here forever >> Google Hurdle