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MIPS Technologies has released Mobiles for Android ICS with Karbonn as their OEM. Developers who are interested in developing & testing for these devices can download MIPS sysimg for API-15 & API-16 (ICS & JellyBean)

Download the ZIP file & extract it under




   ~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-13\<mips> Depricated)

Dalvik Turbo


What is Dalvik Turbo?

Dalvik Turbo is a dynamic adaptive compiler technology for Android developed by The Myriad Group.  Dalvik Turbo provides a seamless replacement for the standard Dalvik Virtual Machine, the engine powering Android applications.
Dalvik Turbo increases the execution speed of applications developed using the Java programming language by up to five times. This is achieved through compiler bytecodes that implement advanced MIPS optimisation techniques inherited from Myriad’s Java virtual machine expertise.
Dalvik Turbo provides developers the tools to take full advantage of Android by enabling them to implement advanced graphics and complex models into their games while retaining full compatibility with existing software.  Dalvik Turbo is 100% compatible with Android bytecodes and therefore language independent.

Dalvik Turbo Demo

Getting Dalvik Turbo

Dalvik Turbo is available to MIPS customers on a royalty-free basis via a click through agreement. Download Dalvik Turbo

Create AVDs specifying MIPS target devices

  1. Click on Window -> AVD Manager.
  2. For each desired target configuration: Click New.
  3. Type in some non-blank AVD Name.
  4. Click on the Target (some specific Android release)
  5. If Eclipse has more than one CPU/ABI combo installed for that release, click on the CPU/ABI, selecting MIPS.
  6. Adjust the screen size ans SD Card size, if needed.
  7. Click on Create AVD. 
You can also Download ANDROID Source Code Modified by MIPS from here

Source : MIPS Technologies