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Download Android 4.3 New Jelly Bean

Development tools for Android API - 17 aka Jelly Bean 1.2  or Android 4.2.2

Few Notable Changes in New Jelly Bean

* Faster, Smoother, More Responsive
 * Refined, refreshed UI
 * Use Apps without Unlocking the Screen
 * 1 Android Many Users. Multi User Accounts, Separate Accounts as in PCs
 * External display support - Connect Screens to Multiple Devices & Target a Particular Device to Mirror the Screen.
 * Security enhancements more here
Learn More about New JellyBean API's
See the Changes from API 16 - API 17

Download Developer Tools

SDK Platform API - 17
  ~\..\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-17\ (Unzip files) 


   Android old

   Android old

Google API for Maps
  ~\..\android-sdk-windows\add-ons\ (Unzip files)

    Google API-17  

    Google API-17 old
    Google API-17 old

Samples for SDK - 17

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\samples\android-17\ (Unzip files) New

ARM EABI v7a System Image

~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-17\( Unzip files)

Intel System Image

   ~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-17\( Unzip files)

MIPS System Image

   ~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-17\( Unzip files)

Sources for Android SDK API - 17

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\sources\android-17\ (Unzip files) New

Docs for Android SDK API - 17

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\docs\ (Unzip files)

DOCS... Download latest API-18 Docs

Download Android 4.3 New Jelly Bean, API - 18 SDKs  New