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Android Wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices, with a user experience that's designed specifically for wearables.

check out the Android Wear Design Principles to understand how to create great experiences

The Android Wear APIs are delivered in the Android Support Library and Google Play services. When using these libraries, handheld devices running Android 4.3 or later can communicate with wearables.

Synced Notifications
Notifications on handhelds can automatically sync to wearables, so design them with both devices in mind. Build notifications

Voice Actions
Register your app to handle voice actions, like "Ok Google, take a note," for a hands-free experience.

Build Wearable Apps
Create custom experiences with activities, services, sensors, and much more with the Android SDK.

Send Data
Send data and actions between handhelds and wearables with data replication APIs and RPCs.

Below are links for downloading the developer tools for L Preview, offline, alternatively you can download from your SDK Manager.

Getting Started


Download  Android Studio 0.8.6 beta without SDK bundle


Download docs for Android Wear

How to Install.

Create a folder named  "temp" without quotes in ~/../android-sdk/<temp>/<*zip>

* place all downloaded zips inside
* start SDK Manager under  ~/../android-adk/<SDK Manager>
* check the packages downloaded.
* Click Install Package.
** wait & done.

Android SDK Platform 4.4W Android Wear 

  ~\..\android-sdk-windows\platforms\android-20\ (Unzip files) 

Samples for SDK -
Android Wear

 ~\..\android-sdk-windows\samples\android-20\ (Unzip files)  Old

ARM v7a System Image,
Android Wear

  ~\..\android-sdk-windows\system-images\android-20\android-wear\armeabi-v7a( Unzip files)   Old

Intel x86 Atom System Image, Android Wear

android-20\android-wear\x86( Unzip files)   Old